Month: January 2018

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With Hounslow Annual Property Values 4.1% Higher, This is My 2018 Forecast

With the average 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 1.98% (down from 3.47% in 2014) and 2-year fixed rate at 1.47% (down from 2.37% in 2014), mortgage interest rates offered by lenders are at an all-time low (even with the slight increase on the Bank of England base rate a few months ago). Added to this, there has been a low unemployment rate of 6.1% in Hounslow, which has contributed to maintain a decent level demand for property in Hounslow in 2017 (interestingly – an impressive 420 Hounslow properties were sold in last 12 months), whilst finally, the number of properties for sale in the district has remained limited, thus providing support for Hounslow house prices, meaning …

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Youngsters unable to buy their first home in Hounslow – Are the Baby Boomers and Landlords to Blame?

Talk to many Hounslow 20 something’s, where home ownership has looked but a vague dream, many of them have been vexatious towards the Baby Boomer generation and their pushover ‘easy go lucky’ walk through life; jealous of their free university education with grants, their eye watering property windfalls, their golden final salary pensions and their free bus passes.