…….How much Council Tax you pay depends on two variables. The first is which Council Tax Band your property is in. A property is placed into a specific band depending upon what the value of the property was in April 1991 – the date when the tax band system was applied. In a nutshell, what your property is worth today has no relevance whatsoever to your banding…….

A Hounslow landlord was asking me the other week to what effect homeownership rates in Hounslow in the early to middle aged adult age range had affected the demand for rental property in Hounslow since the Millennium. I knew anecdotally that it affected the Hounslow rental market, but I wanted some cold hard numbers to back it up. As you know, I like a challenge when it comes to the stats.. so this is what I found out for the landlord, and I’d like to share them with you as well…….