Month: August 2018

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The Hounslow Bank of Mum and Dad Lent £2.17m Last Year!

My analysis has shown that up to the end of the last quarter, Hounslow first time buyers purchased 105 Hounslow properties.  With wages rising at 2.8%, unemployment at a low rate of 4.2% (down from 4.6% from a year earlier and the joint lowest since 1975), national GDP rising at 1.87% and inflation at 2.3%, tied in with indifferent house price growth (compared to a few years ago), this has given first time buyers a chance to get a foot hold on the Hounslow property market.

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£439,021 – The Typical Profit Each Hounslow Landlord Could Make in The Next 25 Years

am of the opinion that buy to let investment in Hounslow, in the long-term, will bring substantial returns for landlords, irrespective of latest regulation and tax changes.

Taking a very conservative (with a small ‘c’) view, I believe landlords will see a projected net profit of