My thoughts to the landlords and homeowners of Hounslow…

The tightrope of being a Hounslow buy-to-let landlord is a balancing act many do well at. Talking to several Hounslow landlords, they are very conscious of their tenants’ capacity and ability to pay the rent and their own need to raise rents on their rental properties (as Government figure shows ‘real pay’ has dropped 1% in the last six months). Evidence does suggest…..

Over the last 12 months, the UK has decided to leave the EU, have a General Election with a result that didn’t go to plan for Mrs May and to add insult to injury, our American cousins elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. It could be said this should have caused some unnecessary unpredictability into the UK property market.

Well last week’s article “The Unfairness of the Hounslow Baby Boomer’s £3,137,470,000 windfall?” caused a stir. In it we looked at a young family member of mine who was arguing the case that Millennials (those born after 1985) were suffering on the back of the older generation in Hounslow. They claimed the older generation had seen the benefit of the cumulative value of Hounslow properties significantly increasing over the last 25/30 years (which I calculated at  £3.14bn since 1990). In addition many of the older generation (the baby boomers) had fantastic pensions, which meant the younger generation were priced out of the Hounslow housing market.

When I go on a valuation in and around Hounslow, either before or after me are all the other local agents eager to give a figure to entice the seller to choose them.

We are 12 years in estate agency so far, after hearing all the negative comments about estate agency it shocks me that sellers who know that agents tend to inflate the price to to come across they have their best intentions etc.etc…. still today fall for the same old bull.

Recently I was having a chat with one of my uncles at a big family get-together. The last time I had seen him and his children were when his children were in their early teens (just like I was). Now their children are all grown up, have partners, dogs and children (Just like me – but I dont have a Dog yet). Wow – how time flies!
So, I got talking over a glass of lemonade with my uncle and a couple of his grown up kids about the property market etc….also about the times of 15% interest rates and how the more mature members of our family had to endure the 3 day week, 20% inflation and the threat of nuclear annihilation in 4 minutes ..

so, foolishly, I said…..