In this week’s article on the Hounslow property market, I consider what effect the lack of bungalows and affordable sheltered accommodation is having on the older homeowners in Hounslow, how it’s affecting everyone in the housing ladder and where opportunities might lay for savvy Hounslow property investors to make some money due to the imbalance of supply and demand.

In this week’s article on the Hounslow property market, I look at the number of people locally who own their home with and without a mortgage, breaking those stats down by age range. From that information, the issue of retired people having a mortgage is highlighted and also how homeownership is changing slowly to a more European model.

In this week’s article, I talk about the recent Government permanent relaxation of the planning permission regulations with regard to extensions and how it could affect the Hounslow property market. I also talk about how office blocks and shops are being converted into homes and the possible effect on landlords and homeowners in Hounslow

In this weeks article on the Hounslow property market we look back at the last 12 months to see how many properties have sold compared to the long-term average, what’s happened to Hounslow property prices by property type and then we look forward to the short, medium and long term – what affects the new PM and his policies will have on the property market, both locally and Nationally