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Is Hounslow Heading Towards a House Price Crash?

The Hounslow property market has been booming since late Spring 2020. Yet if history has taught us anything, a house price crash is likely to follow, or is it?

2021 is different to the previous two property crashes of 1990 and 2008.

Read the article to find out why it’s different and the easy indicator you, as a Grantham homeowner or Hounslow landlord can easily use to judge the Hounslow property market, so you don’t lose out

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Hounslow Buy-to-Let Landlords Owed £5,969,273 in Unpaid Rent – Rogues or Saviours?.

Hounslow buy-to-let landlords are owed £5,969,273 in unpaid rent by their tenants.

Who is to blame? Could Hounslow landlords have done more? Why are certain types of Hounslow landlords harder hit with arrears than others?

Read the article to find out what this means for Hounslow landlords and Hounslow tenants

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How Eco-friendly are Hounslow Homes?

How eco-friendly are Hounslow homes? New gov’t rules will mean draughty low eco-friendly Hounslow homes will drop in value because of some potential new legislation and will punish building societies & banks on the average eco-friendliness of the properties they lend money on.

Read the article to find out what this means for Hounslow homeowners and Hounslow landlords