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Hounslow Home Buyers £2,669,136 Windfall as Stamp Duty Holiday Stretched to September……and new 5% deposit mortgages for Hounslow first-time buyers

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced two initiatives to keep the Hounslow property market firing on all cylinders into 2021. Firstly, the £500,000 zero-rate Stamp Duty band has been extended to the 30th June 2021. After […]

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Hounslow Property Market: Is it Time to Stamp Out Stamp Duty?

Most people pay Stamp Duty Tax when they buy a property, house, apartment or other land and buildings over a particular price in the UK. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak (quickly followed suit by the Welsh and Scottish Governments), announced last July that Stamp Duty was partially being suspended on all English property transactions up to £500,000 (£250,000 in Wales and Scotland) – a Stamp Duty Holiday.

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How Will the Brexit Deal Affect Hounslow House Prices and Your Mortgage Payments?

Christmas Eve brought the news that Boris Johnson had conclusively agreed on a Brexit deal for the UK with the European Union. This gave optimism that the economic turmoil of leaving the EU would be radically reduced, yet what will this ‘trade deal’ do to the value of your Hounslow home and the mortgage payments you will have to make?