8 Contacts a Landlord Needs



Being a Landlord is a business and every business in whichever sector needs contacts they can call upon on in an instant.

Well here’s at least 8 contacts you definitely need

  1. Letting Agent

I know what you’re thinking, Letting Agents/estate agents are dishonest good for nothing %$*@?….

Well to a degree you are right…but then again this only accounts for a very small percentage.

You do have letting agents that actually have passion for the business they do. They care for your property the same way they care for their own, to a degree they make it personal only to protect your interest.

Having an agent likes this is crucial to you. To take pride in what they do, and most importantly to carefully vet and choose which tenant is chosen to reside at your investment, ensuring that full checks are conducted.

Tenant selection is a crucial process and important that comprehensive check have been  carried out.

Having a reliable, trust worthy Letting agent is therefore potentially crucial to your business in being a Landlord.

All you have to do is do your research on your letting agent to see what they are about and who they are. The business you’re in is a people business, so you need to get to know the people who you appoint to assist you in your business.

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Google was and is a revolution when it was born. You can practically find out anything about any company or even anyone….USE IT!

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  1. The Insurance Company

Its Shocking, how landlords don’t even think about insurances as they see it as an unnecessary expense. And expense that eats a little bit into their bottom line profits.

And if your one of them – them I think your absolutely MAD!!!!

Have you ever thought that these insurances protect your bottom line profit instead of eating it???

Well – if you haven’t thought it; Then think it and believe it!

It is essential to have a policy that applies specifically to buy-to-let properties to cover both landlords and tenants arising from a range of incidents, such as an injury to the tenant, damage to the property or legal costs to repossess it.

There are many insurances out there you can choose from, so shop around.

But let me get you started.

Landlord Insurance


  1. The Accountant

Remember, being a Landlord is a business, so therefore every business needs an accountant. Appointing an accountant is also a very crucial element of you being a landlord. With the new laws regarding tax with respect to the Buy to Let market means things have just got a bit more complicated. So you need an accountant on your side to ensure you are strategically protected from that famous tax man and to structure your business in a ways that benefits you and your family.

  1. The Solicitor

I bet your heart rate has just gone up a notch….

Well don’t worry, if you systemise your business well you only need a solicitor to assist you in expanding your business. Meaning to buy more properties. When being a landlord, you need the ability to purchase quick before another landlord/buyer beats you to the post. So a solicitor who is quick and thorough at the same time is what you need.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent, we have our approved panel of conveyancer that we can recommend, all you have to do is give us a call and we will arrange a call back

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  1. Handyman / Maintenance contractors

For those of you that prefers not to use an agent to manage your property, then having trades people in your contacts list is very important.

When your tenant emails, text or calls you with an issue; they want that issue sorted pronto.

But its also in your best interest to get the issue sorted quick, as longer you leave it an issue, the bigger the issue gets.

I go by the saying;

small issue : small money

Big issue : best win the lottery

  1. An Estate Agent

Estate Agents are propping up everywhere, almost on every corner or even hidden in a virtual office.

The amount of agents i’ve seen prop up and go in the last 12 years…….quite frankly I’ve lost count…

Their purpose is to sell and let properties and that’s it.

But what most Estate Agents fails to grasp is they are also there to advise with no strings attached.

To a Landlord, investor or developer – having an adviser, one that understands the needs of you and your business is an asset to you.

Without these advisers, it will make it harder for you to invest well and to get up to date with the local market your investing in.

Well this is why you’re on the Hounslow Property Blog. This blog is to offer you an insight into the Hounslow property market and surrounding areas, as you can see from the articles on here; there are articles specific to the historic values of prices in Hounslow as well as our opinions which is for you to evaluate to make an informed decision.

And yes, if you haven’t guessed this already – We are also an Estate Agent & Letting agent  😊

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  1. Mortgage Broker

Alongside your Letting agent/Estate agent and Accountant being your best business confidant. You need a mortgage broker to join that group.

With your mortgage being the biggest financial risk to you, you need a good broker who has access to the market to source and place you the best deal out there.

Remember there are different types of investments out there in property. so, you need a product that suits you best.

We have a panel of trusted brokers which you can tap into anytime you want.

  1. A Property Manager

To be honest with you, a property manager should fall into the same contact as your letting agent. Many letting agent today not only find you tenants, but also offer a management service.

The management service is probably the most important aspect of your business.

Your investment requires management

  • Someone to collect the rent
  • To ensure the rent is paid on time
  • To regularly inspect the property to ensure your property is being maintained well
  • To tackle any issues as they arise quickly to avoid hefty cost to you and most important to prevent your investment value from decreasing due to poor conditions.

One major factor where property values drop is condition and costs to bring this up to scratch again.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent in Hounslow, we understand the importance of this which is why our clients benefits from all the above when under our care.

We are an Estate agent that offers and specialise in :

Sales | Lettings Management | Auctions.

But we also advise clients who are not with us, we advise clients who have the time to manage their properties themselves. We understand the process of your business in being a landlord.

But for those of you that don’t have the time, we also have the resources and the ability to manage your investment/s for as long as you need us to.

Thank you for reading our blog – we hope it has been beneficial to you and we wish you the best when entering the beautiful world of property

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