How To Value Your Property? 


When I go on a valuation in and around Hounslow, either before or after me are all the other local agents eager to give a figure to entice the seller to choose them.

We are 12 years in estate agency so far, after hearing all the negative comments about estate agency it shocks me that sellers who know that agents tend to inflate the price to to come across they have their best intentions etc.etc…. still today fall for the same old bull.

I mean come on!!!…. Have they never herd of the internet!!!!… SOLD PRICES INFO from the likes of rightmove, Zoopla, Mouse price etc??!!!…

But still I go on a valuation and give my honest opinion of today’s value and then my input on what strategy to use to get them the best price possible. I even show them evidence…. Actual facts and figures!!….Survey results of properties recently under offer near them (which speak for them selves)

Guess what?? – They don’t believe me… Why? Because the agent before came in at a higher value than me. Even though I’ve shown evidence….(Frustration don’t even come close).

The agent that priced the highest gets chosen (TYPICAL)….. BUT when they don’t get the price (the price the agent before me said) then all of a sudden all agents are bad, liars and all the names under the sun. Typical again!!!!…..And the Honest Agent is the one that not only loses out, but gets tarnished with the same negative comments….YES…TYPICAL!!.

So I write this article and pray it gets shared as many times as possible….and gives a seller a level of knowledge so they don’t get let down by an agent again.

Bringing your property on the market at the right price is essential. If you bring it on at the wrong price this can effect your property from being chosen over others.



  • Open 2 tabs on your internet browser web browser






  • Put in your post code on rightmove for sale, to get a list of properties on the market today. (dont forget to add how many bedroom and property type) – then search 1/4 mile radius from your post code – include Under Offer, Sold STC..




  • Now add your postcode on the SOLD PRICES section of your chosen site (rightmove or mouseprices or other) do a 1/4 mile radius of your post code


screen tab 4



Now on tab 1 (the rightmove site displaying all properties on the market now) you will see what sellers are asking for their property or what agents have valued a property similar to yours.


Many people search for the highest figure and then base the value of there own house on that. 

Please remember the prices your seeing are prices that are being asked for. Not prices that reflects the true value. Many will most probably be over priced.

What reflects the true value is what a willing buyer is willing to pay for it. An the trick is how to entice the potential buyer in.

Now lets switch to tab 2 (Sold prices) here you will find a list of all properties that have sold and already recorded on Land registry. This will give you a better indication of what properties like your actually sold for.

But you want to see whats sold similar to yours in the last 6 – 10 months.

Now some figures may be high and some low, there are many factors why that maybe… such as condition, whether its extended, has it got on or off street parking, size of garden, and many more… But you will get fair idea of what the average price is.

On rightmove there might even still have the property advert of the one thats on the SOLD LIST., in which case you can see the pictures and floor plan if it has one. Then you can compare it to yours.

So now you can see figures of whats on market & you now see figures of what averagely SOLD in the last 6-10 months –

So how much do you think your House is worth? 

Remember this exercise is just a brief on how to get a rough idea of your value. Now you need a knowledgeable of a no-bulsh#&t agent to now explain the following:

  • Market conditions
  • Behaviours of todays buyers
  • Market trends
  • Most importantly best strategy to help you get the best price in today’s market.
  • NOT ALL AGENTS CAN DO THIS, but some can (We can) – What are the properties under offer now being surveyed at.

(At Diamond Move Estate Agents in Hounslow, We have access to a database, that shows what properties that are currently under offer, and if a survey has been done then we can see the results. – (Pretty Cool right) – But as a seller, what an absolutely fantastic data for you to make sure you get the pricing right.

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We have seen the transitions of tenants becoming homeowners and now becoming landlords.

Methods of selling is evolving. Make sure the method you use is the right one.

I mean its crazy. 

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