If you’re a landlord, chances are you have experience of dealing with difficult tenants. If you’re new to the game, then be prepared: late night loud music, disrespect of décor, suspicious activity, destructive pets, late rent payment – there’s always a tenant who will test your patience.

At Diamond Move Estate Agent, here is how we minimise the impact and stress of difficult tenants.

Screen thoroughly

If you’re lucky enough to not yet have a problem tenant, here’s how we try and avoid it from happening: we ensure we screen your potential tenants carefully. We don’t assume that people will be reasonable. We Contact references and previous landlords, and perform all background and credit checks that we can.

Have clear rules in place

We create a policy for all tenants to sign before we take them on, and once they’ve signed, stick to it like glue. We make sure we cover all the bases when we are drawing up the agreement; we have sourced contracts from reputable legal specialist companies. If they violate the rules, we enforce them immediately.

Being lenient about a small matter will lead to your tenants not taking us seriously, and the disrespect and rule-breaking may well snowball from there.

But start from a place of respect

Often, difficult tenants aren’t trying to be difficult; they may just be having a bad day, like we all do. At Diamond Move we understand this fully and be respectful while still holding firmly to any policies or boundaries we have established; our saying is “don’t make an enemy of them if you don’t need to.”

Communicate clearly

It can be incredibly frustrating when your tenants are being unreasonable and rude. At Diamond Move we have a team in place to ensure all management of properties and regular maintenance are always carried out to a professional standard. We always stay calm and communicate what we need clearly and without getting personal or bringing your emotions into the equation. Remember, – this is part of our job.

If you need to notify tenants of something but can’t get hold of them in person, send them professionally letter-headed correspondence by recorded delivery for proof of reception.

Know the law

Don’t guess about your rights and responsibilities. Get yourself informed from reliable sources, and employ the help of both an accountant and solicitor. Follow established procedures for escalating a problematic situation.

At Diamond Move we are constantly updating our services and processes in line with new laws coming into force to ensure all our contracts and process have both tenant and landlords covered. However, its always best to have your own accountant/legal team in place to ensure you fully up to date with all news taxation laws and laws relating to you being a landlord.



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