Potential Investment In Hounslow


Hi all – This morning had some time to go through Zoopla and Right move to see if there are any good deals to be had in the Hounslow Property arena.

Even though the prices in Hounslow are quite tough. There always an angle to add value when it comes to property. You just got to think Long haul somtimes.

So this property in question is being advertised by Stamfords in Hounslow. Below is the link.


A FREEHOLD 2 bedroom mid terrace House with Garden on Lampton Road Hounslow. on for sale for £339,950

So Why do we think its a potential investment.

  • Well firstly its FREEHOLD,
  • Secondly for the same price 2 bed flats are being sold which are leaseholds with added yearly costs attached.
  • It has a garden which today is icing on the cake – and people pay more for
  • Location is fantastic – Tube stations, High street all walking distance
  • Hounslow over the next few years will change as we see it, such as plans for new shopping complex, more supply of property (mainly apartments) and attracting a variety of investment opportunities making Hounslow an area of interest.
  • In today’s rental market you can potentially achieve as high as £1450 pcm for rental of this 2 bedroom house with garden.
  • At a rental of this level based on asking price your looking at a return of near 5% per annum.

But Looking at the long haul angle – There is also opportunity for capital growth.

If we look at the next town up (Isleworth), an average price for a decent 2 bed House is £400K – £450K plus. Soon buyers who are priced out of Isleworth will look at Hounslow and create even more demand in Hounslow which in turn will drive price up here.

So overall this property is one to look into a bit more.

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